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Avoiding Regret

By: Brad Schroeder We get calls regularly from people who have gotten themselves into a bind. Usually it’s through no particular fault of their own, and it’s simply a matter of circumstances. Sometimes, though, the clients who call us are doing so because they avoided picking up the phone at an earlier point in time,

Child Support Modifications in Iowa

By : Laura Lockwood I am often asked by clients how they can go about changing or modifying an existing child support order. If one thing is certain about a child support (particularly if entered when children are young), it is that the child support amount will likely need to be modified at some point

Who Can Legally Bind My Company?

By : Jon Garner Who can legally bind your company? Who can sign contracts on behalf of your company? These are questions that business owners all too often fail to consider, and in so doing, create unexpected or unwanted liabilities. Generally speaking, the owners, officers, directors and/or managers of a company have authority to bind

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