Real Estate

Practice Group Overview

Real estate investment and development is often influenced by a wide range of economic, social and regulatory factors. Technology, access to capital, shifting demographics – all play important roles and their impact can vary widely across geographic markets. In this dynamic environment, mistakes can be costly, and you need legal advisors who understand the industry from end-to-end.

At Hartung Schroeder, we handle transactions a wide variety of assets from small business office leases to complex multipurpose developments. We work with our clients, the development community and local jurisdictions to address all aspects of development and the sometimes unpredictable zoning, permitting and infrastructure needs associated with traditional development, infill development and the adaptive re-use of buildings.

Areas of Emphasis

Commercial and Residential Leasing

If you are considering entering into a commercial or residential lease, or if you own commercial property or single or multi-family residential property, you want an experienced lawyer to make certain your interests are protected. The real estate industry is highly regulated and leases are often complex documents. You want an attorney who fully understands the law and the regulations, one who has successfully helped others in similar circumstances.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Iowa law provides for a variety of rights and responsibilities for both the landlord and tenant in a real estate lease. Whether you are a landlord dealing with a difficult tenant or a tenant facing eviction, we can provide the guidance you need to protect your interests. Don’t attempt the process alone. We can help.

Partition Actions

Dividing real property into separate portions, partitions are often complex. If all parties will not cooperate, emotions between family members or business partners will inevitably run high. We take into account our clients’ strong feelings while offering common-sense expertise in these cases.

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate ownership can be one of the most profitable investments you can make for yourself or your business. If a transaction is entered into carelessly, however, the results can be very damaging. You need a lawyer with the knowledge and experience necessary to handle complicated property issues.

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