Family Law

Practice Group Overview

In many instances, making the decision to meet with a family law attorney can be difficult in and of itself. Whether you’re the spouse considering divorce or the spouse on the receiving end of such a decision, there is a high level of uncertainty and emotion in the process. At Hartung Schroeder, we know how to tailor our legal services and skills to best serve each client’s individual situation.

With a combined total of nearly a century of family law experience, our team can advocate for you in the manner your situation requires. For most people, that means negotiating a resolution without litigation, using mediation, or collaborative methods to reach a final conclusion. However, when litigation is the only viable option, our team is well equipped to navigate the court process and prepare your case for trial.

In addition to dissolution matters, or family law attorneys have expertise in adoptions, prenuptial agreements, juvenile law, Child In Need of Assistance (CHINA) matters, and custody disputes.

Areas of Emphasis


Adoption is an emotional process that requires a patient hand and gentle touch. If you’re considering an adoption, our family law experts are available to guide you through the complexity with compassion and support.

Custody of Minor Children

Iowa courts determine child custody according to the best interest of the child. And parental decision-making authority and visitation rights are specified in child custody agreements or orders.


No area of the law is more personal than family law, and no area of family law work is more personal than divorce. Over the last two decades, the family law attorneys at Hartung Schroeder have earned a reputation as the leading practitioners in this area.

End of Life Issues

There’s no easy way to start discussing end of life issues. It’s normal for people to experience all sorts of emotions. Fear about your future and the future of family and friends is common. So, too, is a sense of acceptance and resolve to enjoy the remaining days. Different people respond differently. But there’s one piece of advice that’s generally good for everyone: it helps to be prepared.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to advocating zealously for our clients, Hartung Schroeder has a long history of assisting other parties in seeking resolution to their disputes. Our team’s alternative dispute resolution attorneys are respected practitioners who know how to use their extensive legal skills and their practical business experience to guide opposing parties through their conflict.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are intended to guard the individual rights of both husband and wife. Hartung Schroeder attorneys work with clients considering marriage and those who are already married, tailoring custom nuptial agreements for their uniquely personal needs.

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