In today's business climate, you can't afford to have blindspots.
Our corporate attorneys are focused on your bottom-line with resources
and strategies designed to eliminate problems before they arise.

litigation experts

Our trial team handles the most complex and critical
cases for our clients. With more than $100 million in
recoveries, our results speak for themselves.

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Our legal team has expertise in more than 50 practice areas,
serves clients from California to New York, and in five foreign countries.

Results that Count

Many of the outcomes of which we are the proudest, remain confidential. The following results have been made public:

  • Secured a $40,000,000 judgment against a city for illegal taxation of residents.
  • Seven-figure recovery against a national restaurant chain for negligence involving defective design and maintenance of seating areas.
  • Recovery of seven-figure settlement from one defendant and a seven-figure jury verdict against a second group of defendants in a case involving engineering malpractice.
  • Negotiated multiple seven-figure divorce settlements which have included complex tax and business ownership implications.
  • Six-figure recovery against a health insurer for mixing up prescriptions sent to a patient from its in-house mail-order fulfillment center.

Creative Solutions for Complex Times.
     Uniquely, Hartung Schroeder. 

Local Access, Global Reach

Hartung Schroeder has always been at home in central Iowa, and always will be. But as our roots have grown deeper, so has our reach. Today, we serve clients from coast-to-coast and in five countries.

Our Expertise

Over the past decades, we have built a reputation for results, while recovering more than $100 million for our clients. We understand that not every matter results in an eight-figure verdict, but we feel strongly that every matter should be treated as if it will.

Principles & Values

Our clients choose Hartung Schroeder when they need attorneys who will win at any cost, but who will also calculate the cost. Whether we’re developing strategies for a company, resolving a family law matter, or pursuing your interests in Court, our team will always be focused on your bottom-line.

Creative Approaches

With the complexity of modern markets and relationships, we know that it’s important to eliminate blind spots. Hartung Schroeder’s strategies to keep you seeing in 360-degrees while helping you increase revenue, increase net profit, and increase scalability.


Comprehensive Services.
     Focused on You. 

Practice Groups

Litigation and Appeals

Our litigation group represents plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases through all aspects of the litigation process from investigation, pleadings and discovery, to pre-trial, trial, and appeal. We have represented claimants on some of the largest and most important matters in the region, and have extensive experience litigating before judges and juries in both state and federal courts.

Business and Corporate Services

From start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations, Hartung Schroeder serves a broad range of clients. Our attorneys actively seek to understand your business and your objectives. Every legal challenge, situation and business transaction is objectively and thoroughly analyzed. Our attorneys then use their knowledge and practical experience to provide you with customized solutions that foster positive outcomes.

Family Law

In many instances, making the decision to meet with a family law attorney can be difficult in and of itself. Whether you’re the spouse considering divorce or the spouse on the receiving end of such a decision, there is a high level of uncertainty and emotion in the process. At Hartung Schroeder, we know how to tailor our legal services and skills to best serve each client’s individual situation.

Non-Profit Resources

Hartung Schroeder has extensive experience founding and working with non-profit organizations in Iowa, across the United States, and around the world. We offer comprehensive services that will allow you to focus on your organizational mission while leaving the details to us.

Trusts And Estates

The need for thoughtful estate planning and trust administration has never been greater. This is true for all individuals regardless of age, wealth or family circumstances. Estate planning can be emotionally and legally challenging, and each situation is different. Every individual deserves to have an estate plan that is individually tailored to his or her goals and needs.

Real Estate

Real estate investment and development is often influenced by a wide range of economic, social and regulatory factors. Technology, access to capital, shifting demographics – all play important roles and their impact can vary widely across geographic markets. In this dynamic environment, mistakes can be costly, and you need legal advisors who understand the industry from end-to-end.

Local Boutique Law Firm Feel.
     Global Reach. 

Featured Attorneys

J.D. Hartung

Des Moines, Co-Founder

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Brad Schroeder

Des Moines, Co-Founder

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Jon Garner

Des Moines, Attorney

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Laura Lockwood

Des Moines, Attorney

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Suzy Woollums

Des Moines, Attorney at Law

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National Representation

Our team includes attorneys that are licensed in the practice of law in Iowa and North Carolina. Our litigation attorneys are eligible for pro hac admission in the Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeal across the United States, as well as most state courts. Our corporate team works with companies from California to New York.

Global Projects

In addition to serving clients in the United States, our reach stretches to clients in Sweden, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Nepal.


We have worked with Laura Lockwood on some very personal and sensitive family matters. She was wonderful to work with she was able to explain a lot of law we were unfamiliar with. She spent countless hours with us to make sure we knew exactly what all our options were. I can not say enough about her compassion she is truly a professional in her role with Hartung Schroeder. She has always been  accessible  for us whenever we needed her. We made some tough decisions and I am happy to say we received a happy ending , she walked side by side with us I can’t imagine anyone else would have given us anymore than Laura did.
I met and have used J.D. Hartung for over 30 years now. He has helped me through personal and business legalities and has always given me the good the bad and the ugly up front. I have found J.D. to be a great listener and a great person to bounce ideas off of. He has not only helped me through legal but sometimes emotional decisions as well taking on the burdens himself. I find him to be a true professional and ethical person and that stands the test of time for me.
Brad Schroeder is an exceptional attorney.  He and his team worked with me for years on two child custody cases as well as a civil case.  My cases were fairly complicated, and Brad achieved successful outcomes in all of them.  The civil case went to the Iowa Supreme Court where Brad and his team secured a favorable verdict.  Mr. Schroeder is an honest attorney, and he made a very stressful time in my life much more manageable. Thank you!
Brenda P
My physical therapy practice ran into an issue where we had a partner leaving and we realized that our buyout document had multiple inconsistencies throughout it. Once we had this realization, we started looking at our work agreements and our corporate bylaws and once again came to the realization that or original documents had been prepared with multiple inconsistencies and contradictions. At that point, I got in contact with Jon and he proceeded to work through all of our old corporate documents and showed us in an easy-to-understand way where the inconsistencies were. He then made a plan to make sure that not only each document was consistent, but that all of our documents fit together in a uniform way. Jon always got work done when he said it would be done, he did high quality work, and he billed us in a much more fair way than attorneys that I had worked with in the past. I would highly recommend Jon to any business looking to get their documents in order.
Mike B
Working with Hartung and Schroeder, specifically, Jon Garner for the past 15 years has been a pleasure in many ways. I deal in facts, not fluff with my businesses, and I truly appreciate working with other business professionals who operate in the same manner. Working with Jon on both my businesses and my families personal legal matters has been as efficient and effective as I could ever ask for. Between quick response times, answers that are spoken in a language that I can understand(not “attorney” jargon), and the willingness to help with the little things that make a huge difference in my day, I wouldn’t hesitate one second on referring friends, family and business associates to Jon and his firm. The proof is in the pudding, as I’ve recommended countless number of potential clients to Jon over the years, and will continue to do so.
Josh M
Brad was absolutely amazing handling my case and walked me through the process keeping me informed of what was going on.  He was compassionate, yet ruthless.  I have recommended him to a few of my friends and he has come through for each and everyone of them.  Attorneys like him are hard to find.  Thank you Brad!
Leesa N

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