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Mother of Children Restrained by Daycare Center Files Suit

Sarah Lundin is a mother and surgeon in Dennison, Iowa, who has retained Brad Schroeder in a civil action against Children’s Imagination Station in Denison. In her lawsuit, Dr. Lundin alleges that the daycare used physical restraint, assault, and intimidation against her two sons, aged 8 and 10. Lundin’s suit is part of a larger strategy to

Case Update: Our Most Precious Cargo

STORY BY: Sonya Heitshusen OAKLAND, Iowa — Call it foreshadowing or a premonition, 16-year-old Megan Klindt seemed to know she wasn’t safe on her school bus. “She went to the principal’s office and complained about Donnie’s driving,” says her mother, Natalie Klindt. “She didn’t feels safe. She told me this.” Megan Klindt died on that

Johnnie Walker has to change name of its Explorer’s Club whisky line

Hartung Schroeder attorney, Charlie Wittmack, acts as legal counsel for the Explorers Club in Manhattan, which has filed suit against the parent of Johnnie Walker for misuse of the Club’s name.   STORY BY: Barbara Ross, New York Daily News SOURCE: link Johnnie Walker’s new collection of blended whiskies has to go exploring for a

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