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If you are considering entering into a commercial or residential lease, or if you own commercial property or single or multi-family residential property, you want an experienced lawyer to make certain your interests are protected. The real estate industry is highly regulated and leases are often complex documents. You want an attorney who fully understands the law and the regulations, one who has successfully helped others in similar circumstances.

At Hartung Schroeder, we have assisting clients with residential and commercial leasing matters for many years. We handle all matters related to commercial and residential leases, from the negotiation of terms to the review and preparation of real estate lease agreements. We have a comprehensive understanding of the terms that can and do appear in leases, and how to ensure that your interests are fully protected. We can also advise you regarding the types of issues that might arise under the terms of a proposed lease.

We represent a broad range of clients who are contemplating entering into leases, including real estate brokerages, realty companies and management companies, as well as other entities looking to find or lease commercial or residential space. We review and prepare all leases for compliance with applicable rules and regulations, as well as Iowa statutes and court opinions.

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