Des Moines Residents’ Class Action Recovery

The Iowa State Treasurer has reported that more than 60,000 Des Moines-area individuals and businesses have failed to claim nearly $11.8 million stemming from a class-action lawsuit filed by Hartung Schroeder.

The lawsuit, Kragnes vs. City of Des Moines, resulted in Iowa’s court ruling that a portion of a utility fee collected by Des Moines between September 2004 and May 2009 had to be returned to those who paid the fee because the city’s costs of regulating the gas and electrical utilities was less than the amount collected.

A refund was made in accordance with the court’s ruling.

People who believe they may be eligible for the money can check the state treasurer’s website at

You can read more about the lawsuit and the unclaimed funds in the Des Moines Register. (Click HERE.)