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Certainly business is competitive, but that doesn’t mean your competition should be allowed to cheat in order to win. At Hartung Schroeder, our trade secret and non-competition attorneys work with companies to respond to unscrupulous conduct by current employees, former employees, and competitors who are willing to improperly compete or otherwise undermine your competitive advantages.

Such wrongful conduct often involves (i) stealing trade secrets, confidential information, or other valuable business assets; (ii) violating non-compete agreements or restrictive covenants; or (iii) improperly soliciting customers or current employees.

We routinely provide the following services to our clients:

  • Contract Review – We review proposed non-compete agreements and other employment agreements. You’re always better off negotiating terms on the front end, rather than waiting for something to go wrong. We encourage all employees to schedule a comprehensive review session before they sign anything.
  • Enforceability Evaluation – We will review your contract, give you an opinion on whether it’s enforceable, and suggest strategies for negotiation or litigation.
  • Litigation – If a former employer has sued, or threatened to sue, we can help. We know how to fight non-compete agreements in court, and how to deal with over-aggressive employers.
  • Business Planning Strategies – We collaborate with entrepreneurs and businesses when it comes to addressing non-compete restrictions in the context of competing against a former employer, forming new businesses, or hiring employees subject to non-compete restrictions.

Our team also understands that companies, executives, successful sales-people, and other professionals may be the target of an over aggressive former employer improperly trying to eliminate legitimate competition. In this regard, our team has the experience to aggressively defend individuals and companies who have been wrongfully accused of violating non-compete agreements, stealing customers, or using trade secret and confidential information to engage in unfair competition.

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