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Our extensive use of complex products — such as cars, computers, machinery, and appliances — subjects us to the risk of serious and permanent injury if these products prove to be dangerously defective. Even the simplest household item can cause great physical injury if it is designed or manufactured improperly. People who suffer serious injuries caused by defective products have the right to claim compensation for their losses and suffering.

Hartung Schroeder has years of experience and a record of success in obtaining compensation and justice for victims of defective products and other negligent acts. We understand how to proceed in these difficult and complex cases. Using our knowledge of the law, we call upon the expertise of top engineering and design consultants and work to build a persuasive case for compensation for our client.

When you file a lawsuit that claims a product is defective, you have to prove that it is defective and that its defect directly caused your injury. The specific types of defects that are commonly litigated include the following:

  • Manufacturing Defect: This occurs when the product is assembled improperly or with unsafe materials, or when the product is missing a piece or has a broken piece when it goes to market.
  • Design Defect: This occurs when the product is designed in an unsafe way and can injure the consumer even if the consumer is using it correctly.
  • Warning Defect: This occurs when the product does not have proper labeling that warns of the potential dangers of using the item.

Establishing a type of defect is crucial to recovering compensation for your claim. We thoroughly examine every aspect of your circumstances to build an effective case.

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