Practice Areas

Litigation and Appeals

Appellate Law

Despite the diligence and wisdom of our trial court judges, many cases that go to trial result in some basis for appeal. Our attorneys regularly assist clients with appeals, by initiating an appeal when required or by defending a positive trial outcome from an appeal by the opposing party.

Auto and Truck Collision

Business Litigation

Business disputes come in all shapes and sizes, which means that Hartung Schroeder attorneys represent their clients in everything from small claims actions to highly complex lawsuits with claims valued in the tens-of-millions.

Class Action Litigation

American jurisprudence recognizes that individuals who have suffered even small economic harms, should have the opportunity of a remedy when that harm is also felt by others. A “Class action lawsuit” is a form of a lawsuit that allows one individual to bring a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group of people.

Commercial Litigation

Our trial and litigation strategies come from years of working in state and federal courts. Our track record includes a $40 million verdict in a class action lawsuit, recovery of tens of millions of dollars of securities through FINRA, and a number of six and seven-figure settlements and verdicts in commercial disputes and high-profile divorce actions.

Construction and Real Estate Litigation

Construction and real estate conflicts are an exceedingly complex area of the law, with disputes that often involve engineers, architects, tradesmen, expert witnesses, suppliers, manufacturers, and other parties. The evidence in these cases often involves extensive contracts, numerous plans and drawings, complex engineering and math, and nuances involving soil, water, or materials.

Consumer Protection and Fraud

Employment Litigation

Insurance Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation


We have represented claimants on some of the largest and most important matters in the region, and have extensive experience litigating before judges and juries in both state and federal courts.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury

Getting back on your feet and pursuing a legal claim can be challenging. You can trust Hartung Schroeder to keep your needs and priorities top-of-mind as we conduct research, draft motions, contact experts, pursue discovery and develop your case.

Premises Liability

Product Liability and Toxic Torts

Securities Litigation

Trade Secret and Non-Competition

Trial Law

Some conflicts simply cannot be resolved through mediation or other means. Standing up for what you believe in can mean a lawsuit, a trial, and maybe years of motions and hearings.

Workers' Compensation

Wrongful Death

Business and Corporate Services

Business Formation and Organization

If you’re contemplating starting a new business, Hartung Schroeder will help you structure your company in a way that best suits the needs of your business model. Then, once the business is established, we’ll be by your side to help you refine your strategy to grow your bottom line.

Business Strategy and Planning

We offer a broad range of business services and strategies that are designed to increase total revenue, increase net profit, and increase the scalability of your company. It’s not the type of work you’re used to getting from your law firm, but Hartung Schroeder isn’t a typical law firm.

Business Transactions

Commercial Transactions

Corporate Governance

Emerging Companies

Employment Counseling and Risk Avoidance

Employment Law and Labor Relations

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mergers and Acquisitions


Trade Secret and Non-Competition

Family Law


Adoption is an emotional process that requires a patient hand and gentle touch. If you’re considering an adoption, our family law experts are available to guide you through the complexity with compassion and support.

Custody Disputes


Family Law and Domestic Relations

Juvenile Law





Will Contests

Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, and Probate

Criminal Law

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Criminal Law

Juvenile Law

Real Estate

Real Estate Planning and Development

Real Estate Transactions

Other Areas

Administrative Law

We represent individuals and organizations before state and federal agencies, including the Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, and the Department of Human Services.


Non-Profit Organizations and Charities

Racing and Gaming

Iowa is home to 19 state-regulated casinos. While the industry dates back to 1989 legislation, the business continually changes with new regulations and rules, as well as new competitive pressures.

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